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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Tailored to your needs


Commercial General Liability Insurance tailored to your needs

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A little “oops” can become a big problem if your customer is injured or their property is damaged. When you own a business, you need a commercial general liability insurance policy that helps cover your bases.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – a quick rundown.

Commercial general liability insurance, or business liability insurance, typically covers claims resulting from injuries or damage caused by your business. While this type of coverage isn’t usually required by law, it can save your business a lot of money when an accident does happen.

If a customer sues you, costs can really add up. The total of any settlement is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but a business liability line can also help foot the bill for attorney and defense fees, evidence gathering, medical payments, and judgments.

Keep in mind that general liability insurance doesn’t cover every liability for every business. To make sure your specific business has the coverage you need, talk to one of the experienced agents in the TopLine Commercial Division. We’ll help you get coverage that fits your needs and budget.

Commercial general liability insurance typically provides coverage for:

  • Bodily injury - medical expenses for a third party for injuries that result from an accident at your business.
  • Property damage - damage to a customer’s (or other third party’s) property caused by your business or employees.
  • Personal and advertising injury - reputational harm insurance typically covers written or verbal communications that cause harm, like slander, libel, and copyright infringement.
  • Legal fees - covers attorney and other legal fees that come from being sued by a customer or other third party.

Why do you need commercial general liability insurance?

You can’t predict accidents...and they always seem to happen at the worst possible moment. A commercial general liability policy that fits your business needs can help you keep an honest mistake from putting you out of commission.

A customer trips over a toolbox you left on the floor. One of your employees breaks a decorative window at a job site. Your landlord requires insurance to rent a building for your business. All these situations could potentially be covered by a business general liability insurance policy.

Why choose TopLine for commercial general liability insurance?

Accidents are just a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to help protect your business. Carrying commercial liability insurance just makes good sense. An expert agent from TopLine Insurance can help you decide how much coverage you need and what deductible is right for your business.

Plus, commercial general liability insurance isn’t the only type of liability insurance you may need as a business owner. TopLine’s commercial insurance agents get to know you and your business. That way, they can help you find tailored coverage that fits your needs and budget.

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